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Where do I find room adverts?

Professional houses are rented on a room by room basis. We use to advertise each individual room or City Centre apartment as they become available.


City Centre, Broomhill, Hunters Bar, Tapton, Crookes & Broomhall


What agreements do I need to sign?

You will need to sign a fixed term short hold tenancy agreement. Once signed, the contract is legally binding on all parties and you are liable for rental payments for the full period of the contact. I require a copy of your council tax exemption certificate at time of signing. Please speak to us should you require any further information regarding the agreement.

Guarantor Forms

You will be given guarantor forms for your parents to sign which must be completed & returned ASAP. The amount guaranteed (normally by a parent) is only for your the portion of the rent NOT the whole house.

How long are the tenancy agreements for?

The tenancy agreements are for 12 months (52 weeks).

Earliest moving in time - 4pm 4th July

Latest moving out time -  10am, 30th June.


Can I leave the contract earlier?

On an Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement, you are legally bound until the end of your tenancy period. We can, however, consider ending your tenancy if you have a replacement. This individual will need to meet all of our criteria and be able to provide full guarantor details prior to the process being complete. 


Are there any administration fees?


Do I need a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is registered with the Tenancy Deposit Service (TDS). Please see Should you choose to remain in the property for a second year you will not be required to pay a second deposit.


When should I pay the deposit  & What is the best way of paying the deposit?

You pay the deposit when your January student finance is received. You are able to pay the deposit by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Council Tax exemptions

Full time students are exempt from council tax. I will apply for this provided each individual tenant supplies a valid council tax student certificate before 1st July. These are available from Sheffield Hallam University/Sheffield University.

Should I take out contents Insurance?

Yes, you are responsible for ensuring your own personal possessions in the property.

Are pets allowed?


Do you provide kitchen utensils or do we need to bring our own?

Our properties are fully furnished. However, we do not provide such items as duvets, sheets, pillows, crockery and utensils. A mattress protector is supplied.

Is the internet installed?

Yes. You will be provided with the codes on moving in day.


Can I bring my own furniture?

To ensure both health and safety regulations are maintained at all times we request that tenants do not bring their own furniture. All furnishings brought into the property must comply with the furniture and furnishings safety regulations. The tenant is responsible for the removal of any personal items at the end of the tenancy.

How do I ensure I get the keys?

Providing the deposit and first rent payment have been made by all tenants in the property we will meet you at the property on the first day of your contract to hand over keys.

Do I get an inventory when I move in?

When the first person collects the keys they will be given an inventory and schedule of condition which is a detailed list of all items and their condition throughout the property. You should check that all items listed on the inventory are present and are in the condition described on the inventory. Record any damages and make sure that everybody in the property signs the inventory. Both landlord & tenants keep a signed copy of the inventory.

How often do we have to pay rent?

The payment dates for the rent are stated as a payment schedule on the front of the tenancy agreement. Generally the payment dates are as follows:

4th July (8 weeks) Paid by 28th June.

1st September (16 weeks) Paid when 1st student finance payment recieved, normally 3rd week in September.

1st January (16 weeks) Paid when 2nd student finance payment received, normally 1st week in January.

1st April (12 weeks) Paid when final student finance payment received, normally 1st or 2nd week in April.

How do I pay the rent?

Rent is payable by bank transfer. The payee detail will be given to you each time a payment is requested. The July payment is due in the final week of June to enable keys to be released on first of July. The September, January and April payments are due when your student loan instalments  have been received. An individual text will be sent to each student to request the payment.

Can my parents pay for my rent?



Can I decorate?

No.  Decoration must be carried out by our own contractors.

What happens if something breaks down?

Please E-mail, telephone or text us ASAP.



Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the house.

Who is responsible for changing light bulbs in my property?

This is the tenants responsibility and you should make sure all light bulbs are working when you leave the property.


What happens if I fall into arrears?

If you have problems paying your rent please don’t hope the problem will go away and ignore it. It is very important that you communicate with us on a regular basis. Please contact our office as soon as you are aware that there may be any issue.

What should I do with the keys at the end of the tenancy?

You should return the keys by prior agreement to us at the property  no later than 10am on the last day of your tenancy. If the keys aren’t returned, the new tenants will not be able to move in so it is of major importance to return all keys within the allowed timescale. If a housemate is leaving early then please collect their keys before they depart. If your keys are not returned, you may be charged for the locks to be changed .

How do I get my deposit back?

Please make sure that all tenants have cleared their account with no outstanding rent payments or charges.  This will help to ensure your deposits are dealt with more promptly. The house needs to be returned in the condition it initially handed over. An  ‘end of tenancy’ letter will be sent towards the end of the tenancy.


Will I get my full deposit back?

We want to re-imburse your deposit in full so please make sure the property is returned to us in a condition that is clean, lettable and without damage, exceeding wear and tear. Cleaning and removal charges are the most common deductions made against deposits. Some housemates may depart early, leaving the remaining tenants to clean and clear the rest of the house. This can lead to a rushed job and monies being deducted for additional cleaning to bring the property back up to standard.

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